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In 1970 a young university graduate student, Stephan G. Volcke founded a business called the Volcke Aerosol Company. He built a complete new aerosol-filling factory in Kuurne, starting with 5 employees and a few products only. The company quickly established itself as a specialist in the Plant & Garden Care market. VAC developed a houseplant leaf shine, an easy-to-use solution for keeping plants healthy and dust-free. Today this product is still successfully marketed to professionals worldwide. Having achieved the reputation for making the best product on the market, the leading marketers of Plant & Garden care products started selling VAC produced leafshine under their own brand names.


Soon Stephan G. Volcke and Maurice Van Overstraeten, his friend from his university years, spent most of the time traveling the world and brought back many leads for VAC to develop new markets, products and customers. 

With a focus on international trade, the company expanded into new niche markets where aerosol products could fulfill the need for new and innovative items, a philosophy still up to date. Products for Home Care and the Automotive sector were introduced.


In 1980 the Seasonal Decorations business started with the development of an artificial snow spray. Today, VAC produces a whole range of decorative sprays used at Christmas, Halloween, Easter, sporting events and home parties.


In 1990 VAC developed and started to produce party string sprays. In 1992 DIAD Chemie BV in the Netherlands was acquired to extend the production of this product. By the end of 1994 VAC had become a mayor player in the Party aerosol market and was looking for further growth.


On 3 February 1995 VAC acquired Goodmark Ltd, its main competitor in the party niche, and the Goodmark Aerosol Company Ltd was established. All production of Party and Carnival aerosols was moved to GAC, hereby acquiring the unofficial title of “The Fun Factory”. 


In 2002 the idea of a Strategic Business Unit for the factories was launched and all production units where now brought under the "Volcke Aerosol Connection" group, headed by Jeff Volcke.

Important investments were made in people and equipment for both plants to even further respond to the expectations for a greener world.


In 2010 VAC acquired the SOLCHIM Spa manufacturing units in Italy, thus entering the niche of the Food, Cosmetics and Healthcare market. The Volcke Aerosol Connection gained the capacity and know-how to produce for all existing commercial branches where aerosols can be applied.


Today the Volcke Aerosol Connection develops, produces, packs and services spray solutions that are exported to over 60 countries around the world and in all continents. The company has built a global network which offers an unprecedented and complete range of opportunities to its customers.


ISO 9001-2008     ISO 22716/GMP

ISO 13485








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