Food Coloring Spray (pastel, pearly, glitter, iridescent – in powder, liquid or gel), Release Spray (BBQ Anti-Stick, Baking Spray), Oil Spray, Seasoning Oils, Jelly Spray, Velvet Spray, Cooling Spray, Gloss Spray, Sugar Paste



Hair Spray, Hair Mousse, Hair Wax, Dry Shampoo neutral & coloured, Temporary Hair Colour, Touch-up Spray, Glitter Spray, Customized Deodorants, Make-up Fixation, Nail Dryer, Tattoo Spray


Post-Foaming Shower Gel, Thermal Water Spray, Acqua Croccante/Foam with Emulsion Technology Crackle Effect: Cooling Foam, Firming Mousse, Toning Gel, After Sun Mousse, Hydrating Mousse, Body Mousse, Sun Care Mousse SPF 10 & SPF 20, After Shave Gel, Shining Gel, Gel with Argan Oil, Hand Sanitizer, Post Depilation Mousse, Arnica Gel, Aftercare Foam, Shower Foam.


Muscle Spray, Ice Spray (CE), Plaster Spray (CE), Blister Prevention Spray, After Bite Spray, Wart Remover, Active Foams (CE), Micro-Powder Spray (CE), Insect Repellent


Leafshine, Plant Insecticide, Dried Flower Protector, Silk Flower Refreshener, Teak & Rattan Renovator, Wicker Cleaner, Dirt & Water Repellent, Plastic Furniture Cleaner, Hedge Trimmer Cleaner, Barbecue Cleaner, Barbecue Anti Stick


Insecticides: Flying, Crawling, Ant, Wasp Nest Destroyer, Stainless Steel Cleaner (INOX), Glass Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner, Furniture Polish, Dry Cleaner/Spot Remover, Shoe & Leather Protector (Anti-Rain), Daim & Nubuck Renovator, Oven/Grill Cleaner


Contact Cleaner, Universal Degreaser, Instant Cleaner, Lubricants, Silicones, Greases, Freeze Spray, Multi Oil Spray, Graphite Oil,Gun Oil, Zinc Protection, Corrosion Protection, White Grease, Label Remover, Glue Spray, Line Markers, Animal Markers, Lubricants For Food Industry (INS H1 Certification)


Air Duster, LCD/TFT/LED/PLASMA Cleaner (TÜV), CD/DVD Cleaner, Foam Cleaner, Laptop Cleaner, Smartphone/Tablet & E-Reader Cleaner, Whiteboard Cleaner, Label Remover, Glue Spray, Hand Sanitizer, Microfiber Cloths, Wet & Dry Cleaning Sachets, Screen & Surface Cleaning wipe tub


Tyre Repair, Car Window Cleaner, Tyre Shine, Wheel Degreaser, Bumper Shine, Brake Cleaner, Cockpit spray, Textile Cleaner, Chain Lubricant, Dry Lube, Chain Degreaser Spray, Teflon/PTFE Spray, Vaseline Spray, Silicone Spray, Polish spray (Carbon/ALU), Racing Chain Oil


Fun String, Temporary Hair Colour, Pearlescent Hair Colour, 2-in-1 Hair Colour & Glitter, Football Horn, Referee Spray, Confetti Spray, UV-Spray, Chalk Spray, Blood Spatter Spray, Party Foam, Snow Spray, Glow-in-the-Dark Snow, Snow Remover, Ice Crystals, Deco Glitter, Decoration Sprays: Gold/Silver/Copper/Aubergine/Fresh Green/Burgundy/Blue, Room Fragrance, Paper Stencils


ISO 9001-2008     ISO 22716/GMP

ISO 13485