Family of


We are a family company.

For more than 50 years, we have derived our strength from our people. Long-term investment in training and development is backed by our safety management system and efforts to maintain a safe working environment for our employees.


Innovation and


Innovation has been our priority when it comes to existing products and the development of new formulations. We focus on innovative applications, ingredients and components, cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

Being able to offer products to 10 different markets allows us to have our eyes and mind everywhere, on the food, pharma, cosmetics and speciality markets, to create synergies and bring out the best of each development.


Quality and


We want to deliver high quality and safe product to the end customer. In our three sites we follow strict safety protocols and comply with high EN and customer standards.

Sustainability & Responsibility

We want to offer products that make life easier, bringing them in a “spray” form, all while continuously improving our formulations and using ingredients that are best suited and that help to reduce our environmental footprint. So far,we have been focussing on:

  • waste reduction (5% per year)

  • reducing energy consumption

  • minimizing VOC emissions

  • moving to water-based formulations

  • compliance with European and US legislation (FGas Regulation, Packaging & Waste Directive)

  • using of 100% recyclable tinplate steel and aluminum containers

  • Ingredients compliance with REACH (EC/1907/2006 and amendments).


As a group, we are committed to follow the UN Sustainability Goals and to introducing environmental management systems, to reducing our carbon emissions (Carbon Disclosure Project), to combining innovation & sustainability in our new product development and to putting people at the centre, addressing social and ethical values. Our first Sustainability Report will be available in the coming year.