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As a family company we believe that we can make the difference through our people. Our slogan is „Good People are the Mark of a Good Company“. Our people share these key values:

Sustainability & Responsibility

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The Connection is committed to the sustainable development of our business.

We understand the requirement for a global response in support of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and these will be a point of reference for our own journey towards sustainability.

In the world of aerosol manufacturing, regulatory and business compliance is a key element of our culture and risk management.

This and increasing customer and stakeholder interest create the need for sustainable action.

We have identified the following key sustainability initiatives:

  • Monitor waste streams and identify reduction opportunities

  • Reducing energy consumption

  • Minimising VOC emissions

  • Moving towards water based formulations

  • Use of 100% recyclable steel and aluminium container.

We aim to formalise our approach through balancing the fundamental business requirement for positive economic performance with the need for environmental resilience and the desire for social and ethical inclusiveness.

To this end we will use ESG criteria (Environment, Social and Governance) to develop our Sustainability Strategy.

Volcke Aerosol aims to operate in a safe, honest and ethical manner at all times. We see this as essential in fostering a culture of trust and integrity.

To achieve this we have established a Code of Conduct / Codice Etico (It) as a framework for our behaviour and performance.

Our "Speak Up" Integrity service allows employees, stakeholders and business partners to register a concern with any of our activities via an independent whistleblowing service Safecall.

This service can be accessed through the following link: Speak up

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