We offer a complete service, comprising

The Volcke Aerosol Connection comprises three manufacturing sites, located in Kuurne  (Belgium), Fiesco  (Italy) and Cwmbran  (Wales)
The Volcke Aerosol Connection was founded by Stephan G. Volcke in Kuurne, Belgium in 1970. With a focus on international trade the business expanded fast to become the manufacturer of comprehensive ranges of aerosols for specialists and niche markets. In 1995 GAC Ltd in the U.K. was acquired, allowing the entry to the US market. In 2010, Solchim Srl joined the Volcke Aerosol Connection.


Today, the Volcke Aerosol Connection, has the capacity and know-how to produce for all commercial branches where aerosols and sprays can be applied.
Under the leadership of Jeff Volcke, CEO, we continue to focus on new product development and perfect product quality, with a global and local approach, with passion and a market-driven strategy.

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