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Flexibility is our motto ! 

About us

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Environmental concern and international legislation represent a continuous challenge for the chemical industry.

Qualified chemists in the VOLCKE AEROSOL CONNECTION closely monitor the developments and prepare the future through innovation, improvement and adaptation of our products and apply new technologies.

State-of-the-art equipment in our laboratories as well as close cooperation with various universities and research centers around the world allow our staff to fulfill this task with a focus on consumer safety and environment.

Particular success has been achieved in the development and application of water-based formulations, compressed air-technology, non-flammable propellant mixtures and food aerosols. Bag-on-valve sprays, powder filling and crackling foam sprays are also possible technologies that are part of our portfolio. 

The laboratories provide a specialized service to customers for the design and implementation of quality control programmes. Our R&D teams apply high quality standards that are also an integrated part of the manufacturing process.

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Continuous investments in efficient and safe production are the rule in the VOLCKE AEROSOL CONNECTION. Chemical storage, raw material handling equipment, filling machinery and storage & packing are all designed for the ultimate safety of the workers, the community and the environment. Cost efficiency is assured without compromising our reputation for producing high quality products. Production and software hi-tech used by knowledge workers make VAC one of the most cost-efficient producers.

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Experienced and highly trained staff in the logistics department make sure that VAC’s global customers receive their goods complete and on time. This contributes to the competitive advantage of the VOLCKE AEROSOL CONNECTION.

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The task of the VOLCKE AEROSOL CONNECTION does not end with the production and packing of high quality products. The sales and marketing teams provide customers with a service that distinguishes them from most of their colleagues in the business. Private label filing, graphic design support, labeling, specialty packaging and physical distribution solutions are just some of the services offered. The integration of the R&D department, providing solutions and ideas for specific product lines or niche markets, make the Volcke Aerosol Connection an ideal aerosol partner.


ISO 9001-2008     ISO 22716/GMP

ISO 13485








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